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Project Description
This is a simple DotNetNuke module that creates an unordered list of menu items. The look of the menu can be easily customized using standard CSS. This module is based on the links skin object with minor modifications to use lightweight html and CSS for rendering.

The SimpleMenu module was created for the DotNetNuke OpenForce website so that we could provide simple navigation within one portion of the site. Using this module allows us to place the menu in any location on the page without altering our site skin. Unlike the links module, SimpleMenu is able to leverage all of the menu editing and performance tuning provided by the base DotNetNuke framework including showing and hiding links based on the users permissions for a given page.

Below you can see how simple css can mimic the appearance of the links module, but because the rendered HTML is CSS friendly it is also easy to style using any of the popular CSS menu techniques.


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